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Tuesday, November 9, 2010 2:09 AM


Today, i was so tired. being school perfect is not easier job i thought. we have our first challenge. we have to avoid students come in to their class. i dont take it seriously, i just walk2 around to see my friends. adakaaa? =.=' lek baa joee. msh awal ni. this friday, until sunday, we have a camp, 'kem kembara' for new school perfect 2011 session. i hope it fun and enjoyable. yeaaaaay~

2 o'clock, we arrived to ujana kewangan. we went to Majlis Anugerah Gemilang 2010. then, i saw zureen ma jane. jalan2 di uk, haaa, XD. proud with my ex-school, SK PEKAN 2, because they took many anugerah tadi. wow, awesome! congrats to all penerima anugerah.

nothing to say, i will post it again. BUBYE. ♥