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6/11/2010; i really hate it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010 10:47 PM

hello, i think this is the third time i use this blog. haha. sowt. i just need to release all my tension at somewhere. yesterday, it was badly day for me and epul. jadi, ckup la sekali kmi kna bt gtu. :'( i will never and ever repeat that silly mistake AGAIN. seriously, i was so regret with what have we done. and, i promised with epul, we're not goin that place ANYMORE. but i just wonder, how come it gonna happen haa? i really dont understand, y aa? if i given a 2nd change, i will not do that, but, it's already happen, so, i think, there's nothing else i can do. i will try to forget that bad moment, and i really have to move foward. i have to be myself like before. i dont want to be quite just because that.

Dear God, please help me. im totally confuse now. :(